VISS SG Facade

VISS SG is, architecturally, a very attractive all-glass facade. Based on the proven VISS system solution, VISS SG can be simply and efficiently designed and built as structural glazing to form a high-tech facade. Glazed panels of up to 2.5 x 5.0 m significantly enhance the transparency of the building envelope. With a variety of glass anchors it is possible to install double or triple glazed units up to 70 mm thick. Likewise, using VISS SG and the structural glazing method, it is very easy to construct glazed roofs. The Jansen VISS SG system can be readily combined with all VISS profiles with face widths of 50 and 60 mm, as well as with the VISS Basic solution, which can be mounted on any support. With steel as the construction material, the slender internal look is retained, while the large glazed areas create a generous sense of space. This results in a wide range of options with only a minimum of additional components.