Jansen by M2G | Swiss steel doors and windows in South Africa

The JANSEN steel systems for windows and doors make it easier for local metalworkers to fabricate elements that require functionality, such as, double-glazing, insulation, classic glazing beads, or dual gaskets for weather and air seals. Swiss precision engineering combined with the ingenuity of Accredited South African metalworkers. 

If you are looking for a competitive quotation, please reach out to us or our Accredited Fabricators across South Africa. 


Why specify JANSEN steel for doors, windows, and facades?

1. To achieve the classic slim black steel look with modern performance and quality.

2. To save costs on heating and cooling by using thermally insulated systems.

3. To achieve Iconic super-sized entrance doors with leaf sizes up to 6,000×3,000mm.

4. To retain an elegant slim glazed design with class leading security against burglaries.  

5. To realise ballistic (blast or bullet) resistant doors that are fully glazed.

6. To realise fire resistant glazed doors that protect family members in the event of a fire.

7. To create fixed light windows that overlook a factory floor without the need for fire sprinklers, roller shutters, or fire curtains.

8. To replace heritage steel doors and windows with the same aesthetic with modern performance. 

9. To create tall slim facades for podiums, entrances, or atriums, that can be enhanced with security and fire resistance.   


Virtual Showroom of steel windows, doors, and facades

Jansen AG | Swiss Heritage

This short video clip below is an overview of this remarkable Swiss company JANSEN AG that we affectionately know as JAG. It was founded in 1923, and has three divisions ranging from steel safety tubes for automobiles, through plastics and geothermal probes, to steel building systems. The latter are recognised as the best steel profiles in the world and are now available here in South Africa.